Solution provider since 1997

Tringle Oy has based its business in close co-operation with different fields of industries, especially with the food industry. We provide many companies in the Finnish food industry with different kinds of raw food materials, semi-finished products and packages. Additionally, our services are utilized by the animal food industry as well, for example.

Tailor made and standard solutions to various fields of industry

In addition to delivering standard products, we look for, develop and deliver tailor made solutions as well. By utilizing our broad network, we can help with developing a well-suited product for certain markets, making us an extremely flexible company. Our expertise in the processes, technologies and raw materials used in the food industry guarantees our ability to provide exceptionally extensive service.

Continuous development of our business benefits our customers as well

By constantly enhancing our product portfolio and developing our business we aim to provide our customers with the high-quality and expansive service they need. Our goal is to provide our customers with all the raw food materials, semi-finished products and packages they need via one partner.